Door County (especially northern Door County) is scheduled to get its first major winter storm of the 2022/2023 season overnight--with 4-8 inches of snow predicted and up to 50 mph winds!  We spent the day reviewing our new construction and are hoping that the crews and new buildings stay safe overnight.


Door County Snow

Turning the calendar over to 2023 is going to happen in just a few short weeks. If you need or want to list in 2023, please contact me!  And in the event you want to buy a Door County property in 2023, we can help.  We tend to get busy again immediately after the holiday season (and during the holiday season)--especially if we have fresh snow. 

Visit our website at today to see the latest Door County listings, price reductions and so much more.  With a new year right around the corner, let us help you make 2023 Door County real estate decisions.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow!  


Sister Bay Homes for Sale in Winter

Getting Ready for some SNOW in Door County

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